Woman Hi-Jacks MTA Bus When Asked Not To Smoke On The Bus

Woman Hi-Jacks MTA Bus When Asked Not To Smoke On The Bus

Tuesday, 23 February 2016
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There is always something crazy happening in NYC.

A passenger had the audacity to smoke a cigarette on the bus and when asked not to do so, she hijacks the M101 bus.


A little after 7am the cops were called about an “emotionally disturbed” person being on the Manhattan bound bus.

She lit her cigarette, was asked to put it out and get off, but she was not having it.

PIX11 is reporting that the bus driver pulled the bus over at East 97th Street and Third Avenue and called the authorities.  Another bus pulled up and picked up the passengers.  As everyone, included the driver, exited the bus, Little Miss I-Love-To-Smoke decided to stay behind.

She hijacked the bus and drove it three blocks until she was pulled over by the police. Not only was she arrested but she was also taken to the hospital to be mentally evaluated.

The 34 year old woman will face charges for this.

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