Why Mariah Still Rocks Amid Lip Sync Rumours

Why Mariah Still Rocks Amid Lip Sync Rumours

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

In Mariah’s world, media scrutiny is  forever raising it’s ugly head, but following her performance at The American Music Awards on Tuesday night, the mockery and lip sync accusations have apparently gone a step too far.

Credit: SKS2K6 via Wiki Commons

SKS2K6 via Wiki Commons

Mariah graced the stage to perform her comeback single ‘With You’, and so called “fans” were quick to dub the performance as ‘lazy’ and ‘boring’.  Viewers also pointed out that the songstress barely moved on stage and mocked her for looking restricted in her frock.  One person jumped in Mariah’s Instagram comments and wrote, ‘Can you really call it a performance with lipping? Standing there constipated was weird’Another wrote, Umm. can Mariah move? Is she bolted in place..?’

While Mariah has been met with a stream of negative comments following the performance, there’s no doubt that the she stunned in her figure hugging pink gown, which opened to showcase shirtless male dancers surrounding the singer.

Lip syncing or not, Mariah rocked her performance with soulful and sultry vocals. As always ‘Mimi’ oozed glamour and gave us one of the most memorable performances of 2018. The singer has also received waves of support from her loyal fans, which has pretty much overshadowed the noise from her critics.

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