VIDEO: 50 Cent Makes Fun Of Disabled Airport Worker

VIDEO: 50 Cent Makes Fun Of Disabled Airport Worker

Tuesday, 03 May 2016
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When is a ya boy 50 Cent not in the news these days? We are seriously trying to figure out 50’s thought process though. Why did he think it was cool to post a video of himself making fun of a disabled airport employee? Your guess is better than ours.

In the video below, 50 Cent videos a young man pushing a cleaning cart while walking through the terminal of the airport. You can hear 50 cursing and accusing the young man of being high.

You can hear the Queens rapper say things like: “Look at him. What type of s**t you think he took before he came to work today?”  The young man did not respond. Instead, he shook his head repeatedly and refused to acknowledge 50’s despicable behavior.

50 Cent took to Instagram to post the video and embarrass the young man. The caption underneath the video stated: “The walking Dead, SMH LMAO I mean How high are trying to get Damn!!

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50 removed the post after he got wind that the young man in the video suffered from an “extreme social disability.”

An Instagram user by the name of Rusty Stone commented: “I went to school with him. His name is Andrew Farrell. He has extreme social disabilities just to let you know. He has a hard enough time getting through life without jackasses like you making fun of him. I hope you feel good about yourself. You just lost a huge fan.”

Lots of other IG users bashed 50 for his senseless words and sent out words of encouragement to Farrell.   Andrew responded back thanking those that had his back through this unfortunate incident. He also mentioned taking the matter all the way to the courts.

50 Cent is usually good for an explanation when things happen but seems like the cat caught his tongue here.


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