Rapper Twista Arrested For Weed Possession

Rapper Twista Arrested For Weed Possession

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Carl Mitchell, better known to the hip-hop community as rapper Twista, had to cancel his upcoming show in Indiana because he was arrested for possession of marijuana. Β On the night of March 24 at approximately 10:30 pm, Twista’s Rolls Royce was pulled over “following an SUV too closely,” says Porter County Police Chief Deputy Jeff Biggs.

When he was pulled over it was pretty much a wrap for Twista. Officer Biggs claims that the smell of marijuana permeated the air, so Mitchell and his camp were questioned about the smell. They openly admitted that they had smoked previously to getting pulled over.


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NBC News is reporting, “Officers found a half-ounce of marijuana concealed in a fake can, according to Biggs.” Β Twista, age 42, was released on $500 cash bond.

The “Overnight Celebrity” rapper released a statement saying that the police should focus on busting people for more serious crimes. He also compared being arrested for weed possession to being arrested for something like jaywalking.


According to the Chicago Tribune, “Also arrested were the driver of the black Rolls Royce, Johnnie Eull, 42, of Frankfort,Β and two passengers, Michael Moore, 43, of Matteson, and Darrin Woody, 26, of Harvey, who police said also face misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession. Police transported all four to Porter County Jail.”


Contrary to what it may look like, Twista is still making music. A few months ago, the rapper released his new single and video called “Riding Slow,” which is dope. Watch the video below:

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