Trey Songz Being Sued For Allegedly Beating Up Woman

Trey Songz Being Sued For Allegedly Beating Up Woman

Tuesday, 28 August 2018
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191178F5-FD93-4A8A-9DC3-E81A0F1FB9DFEarlier this year Trey Songz was in the news for an alleged domestic violence altercation with a young woman by the name of Andrea Buera! We haven’t heard much about this until now! The woman she’s now suing Songz!
Andrea insists the fight between her and Songz broke out at a Hollywood party during NBA All-Star Weekend back in February. Trey was actually arrested and taken into custody for the alleged attack.
Here’s the deal: even though the District Attorney rejected the charges against the “Slow Motion” singer because there was no real evidence Andrea is still out to take Trey down!
TMZ reports that “According to docs, Trey ran after her — because she was talking to another guy — and choked her and punched her several times in the face. Andrea claims the beating only stopped because one of the singer’s bodyguards intervened.”
Andrea also says that Trey even demanded she remove the very shorts she had on at the time because they were her friend’s and not hers!
The woman also claims that Songz blacked and swole her eye shut! In addition, she suffered bruises around her jaw, shoulders and legs!
TMZ is reporting that Buera is suing for her medical expenses and other damages.
Story via TMZ

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