T.I. Passed on Signing Drake

T.I. Passed on Signing Drake

Sunday, 07 October 2018

In support of his tenth studio album ‘Dime Trap’, which was released on October 5th, rapper T.I. visited the ‘The Breakfast Club’.  During the interview, he revealed that he passed on signing Drake to his label, as he didn’t anticipate Hip-Hop’s appreciation of the ’emo’ sound.  He said,

“It just hadn’t caught all the way up yet. That type of music, that sound of music, the emo sound wasn’t necessarily prevalent at the time. I didn’t see the curve just like I never thought skinny jeans was gonna happen. That one got by me”. 

T.I. performing in concert - Image via Wiki Commons - Concert Tour

T.I. performing in concert – Image via Wiki Commons – Concert Tour

During the interview, T.I. reflects on the impact of his success and implies he experienced a phase of ‘deep sleep’, during the time he didn’t sign Drizzy to Grand Hustle Records.  He also insinuated that Drake’s appearance during that time heavily affected his decision.

“It was Drake before the beard. Bare-faced Drake, you know what I’m saying?”


Credit - (JacobMiller6) via Flickr

Credit – (JacobMiller6) via Flickr. 

Clearly Drake wasn’t the only aspiring rapper to encounter struggles while seeking a label, as T.I. previously told Billboard that his business relationship with Meek Mill experienced setbacks, and ultimately the record deal fell through. T.I. said,


“After my two hiatuses I was put in a position where I couldn’t really make moves on Meek as quick as he may have wanted to.  I’ve never been one to hold anyone back or to slow down the success of anybody. I’m the first to try to enhance what you have and if I can’t make it better than I shouldn’t be a part of it.”


Meek Mill features on T.I.’s new album, which also includes collaborations with Teyana Taylor, Yo Gotti and spoken word from Dave Chappelle.  ‘Dime Trap’ is said to be T.I.’s most honest and personal record to date.


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