Stalker Threatens to Kill Sugar Ray Leonard & His Entire Family

Stalker Threatens to Kill Sugar Ray Leonard & His Entire Family

Monday, 07 March 2016
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While we think that celebrities are enjoying the glitz and the glamour, there are a lot of no-so-great things that they have to face, like insane stalkers. Sugar Ray Leonard is going through just that.
Since 2008, Mark Anthony Francisco, 55, has written several threatening letters to the boxer and his family. One of those letters stated: “I will kill you, your mother and your daughters.”
Leonard finally said enough is enough and got an order of protection against Francisco.
Other parts of the letter included statements like: “You need to make a deposit to my checking account before I shoot the s**t out of your ass. I mean what the f**k I did and said. I hate a punk ass n***er.”
Apparently, Francisco had stopped sending these threatening letters for years but over the past four months has been on the prowl again for the Leonards.
Reports are saying that he kept calling his charitable foundation, and claiming to be the cousin of Leonard.
TMZ has reported that this man has even showed up at the door of the boxer’s house and rang the bell. According to court documents, his wife and daughter greeted Francisco and told him that Ray didn’t live there anymore (just to be on the safe side). Not too long after that encounter he wrote another letter to Leonard saying, “I went to your old houses that you used to live in. See you soon, Mark.”
A judge has ordered Francisco to stay 100 yards away from Leonard and his family.

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