DJ Infared



It’s really a combination of talent, originality and hard work. For most, it’s hard to believe that he was born in the tiny Caribbean island of Barbados. From Barbados to Miami he’s been killing the DJ circuit.

It’s never been hard for him to make new friends since he is an outgoing, dynamic, sociable and an all around fun person to hang with. Even more of a reason to love DJ Infared.

With his unique diversity and versatility on the turntables, he’s widely received and sought after in the entertainment field.

With music constantly running through his veins, he never stopped pursuing his passion for it. From his early performances in front of his community and friends (at just 18 years old) this DJ’ing thing became second nature.

So DJ Infared started performing in high schools, community parties and events to get the “Infared” name out there.

Back in the day, his first DJ gig was at Overdose Fridays at Woodpecker’s. Since then, DJ Infared has been working hard to be on top of his DJ game. He’s been soaring to new heights and is always out to conquer both locally & internationally.

He was branded “THE PARTYROCK DJ” not only for his skills as a DJ but because he was heavily inspired by the group “LMFAO” and their party rock anthem song.

You can catch DJ Infared gracing the Smack Airwaves for each and every Monday on the Soca Channel from 6p-7p PST / 9p-10p EST.

Infared is closest to the city of Miami and is available for all of your musical needs.