Shauna Chin: I Paid $1MIL For Gully Bop’s D*** Surgery

Shauna Chin: I Paid $1MIL For Gully Bop’s D*** Surgery

Monday, 28 March 2016
Caribbean News

Gully Bop seems to be the most sought after man in dancehall these days.  While he is currently dating a new woman named A’mari, Shauna Chin will always hold a special place in all of our hearts. LOL.  Bop and Chin had one of the most tumultuous public relationships ever.  But we’re glad that’s over.  These two were like oil and water.

Of course, Gully Bop hails from the 90’s era but never blew up the way he should have. Sources blame his lack of success on drug use. But we cannot confirm that. Shauna claims that she tried to change Bop from a mad man to a big entertainer due to the history he has in dancehall.

Yo, Shauna, haven’t you ever heard of the saying, “you can’t change a h*e into a housewife?” You can’t change a clinically insane man. Girl bye.

Why? That’s my question. Publicity or nah? Or was it that one rotten tooth that turned you on?  Not to mention, Gully Bop is 51 and you’re 26. Sounds to me like you were just helping “daddy” fulfill a lifelong pipe dream.

A’mari Tells How She Met Bop

In a recent interview with Nightly Fix, Shauna says she likes “old men” because “dem spoil yuh, dem like dem chest rub down, di young bwoy dem nuh appreciate it.”  Yes hunty, have you tried Jamaican castor oil on those gray hairs though?

Shauna went on to bragging about how she spent a million dollars on Gully Bop’s surgery and hospital stay last year.  She referred to it as surgery on his “thing.” She doesn’t go into much detail but it sounds like Bop a serious issue going on with the D.


SIDEBAR: But what about that grill?  You can pay a million dollars for surgery but can’t put some new teeth in this man’s mouth?  Wow!

When asked if she was really in love with Bop or if it was a business arrangement her response was “in the beginning I didn’t, it grew just by being around him.”

Chin claims that she is thankful for Bop though. He was the one that encouraged her to be great in the music business. Check out the full interview below.

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