Sean Paul Speaks On Pollution in Kingston

Sean Paul Speaks On Pollution in Kingston

Friday, 05 October 2018
Caribbean News
Grammy award winning Dancehall artist Sean Paul, is raising awareness of the possible health risks surrounding Jamaica’s National Stadium pool.  The ‘Temperature’ singer and former national water polo player started a petition last Saturday, when he aired his concerns about an alleged welding plant being in proximity of the swimming pool.  Paul still visits the area to swim and believes that the supposed welding facility could heavily compromise the health and well-being of Jamaica’s young athletes, and others within the locality.  He stated,
Everytime I come to
swim here, metal is
going into my lungs”
The international artist expressed that he cannot be certain of who is responsible, but is calling for the suspected plant to be removed. When posting to social media, he wrote, ‘I am willing to even pay to have it relocated’ and reiterated his growing concerns about air pollution in Kingston.

The following image was captured from the video which Paul shared during his visit to National Stadium Pool:
 Credit: Sean Paul via Instagram (@duttypaul) 
Following his initial post, Sean Paul added that he grew up at the stadium and represented Jamaica, year after year when he played on the national water polo team.  Paul will reportedly fund the removal of the suspected welding plant, and apparently the relevant officials have responded promptly to his petition.  Discussions are said to be underway to have the facility relocated.
National Stadium Pool, Jamaica
Image credit: Sean Paul via Instagram (@duttypaul) 

Image credit: Adam Bielawski

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