Sean Kingston Suing Nightclub For Alleged Beatdown & Robbery

Sean Kingston Suing Nightclub For Alleged Beatdown & Robbery

Tuesday, 05 July 2016
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Sean Kingston has filed a brand new lawsuit against Penthouse Nightclub. He’s saying that the club allowed their security to rob him of his bling and whoop his a**.

TMZ is reporting that “Kingston says security at the WeHo club was involved in orchestrating the assault in which someone yanked the chains off his neck … totaling $300k.”

Sean said that he was posted up in the VIP section of the nightclub when the security motioned to him that someone else in the same section wanted to converse with him.

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Upon approaching the person, Kingston said that’s when he was clocked over the head with a champagne bottle.

Word on the street is that the police were called to the scene but was too late. Everyone that was allegedly involved had already left and were unable to be captured.  But wait, what happened to the security cameras in the club? If it was that serious, can’t we just run those tapes back?

Sean is taking Penthouse Nightclub to the bank for almost $1 MIL dollars.

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