SMACK ADVICE: Scott Disick Should Hire Ving Rhames

SMACK ADVICE: Scott Disick Should Hire Ving Rhames

Saturday, 21 May 2016
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When being rich and famous goes wrong: Scott Kardashian has been robbed of his worldly possessions. Oops, we mean, Scott Disick.

Rumor has it that while Scott traveled to France for the Cannes Film Festival, several of his watches were stolen from his home. The watches are worth several thousands of dollars.

Lots of celebrities attend this festival yearly. It’s a celebration of cinematography and art. Their purpose is to showcase newness and originality in the film industry. Every year during the month of May, Cannes gives a clear glimpse into the world of artistic cinema.

Foxy Brown Was Robbed At LAX Of Over $100K

Scott’s Hidden Hills home was broken into and his famous watch collection, (which he often brags about) was taken. According to TMZ, the pieces that were stolen included his Rolex Yacht-Master, which was valued at $32,000 and another at $48,000.

Based on police reports, there were no signs of forced entry. This leads them to believe that this was an inside job. Word on the street is there’s usually a lot of traffic going in and out of Scott’s home on a daily basis. He’s a bit of a party animal. Well, now he’s paying the price.

Hey, Scott, we have a little bit of advice for you. Install that ADT and get Ving Rhames to stand outside of your crib to scare robbers off. If you’re at all confused, check the clip below and thank us later.

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