Royce Da 5’9: How Is Drake The Best If He Has Ghostwriters?

Royce Da 5’9: How Is Drake The Best If He Has Ghostwriters?

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Drake has had a pretty good run so far with his rapping career. Most are blaming this success on the fact that he might actually have someone else writing his rhymes for him. Royce da 5’9, among a few other rappers recently spoke out about the rapper and his possible team of ghostwriters.

In addition to Royce speaking out, Toronto rapper Mo-G, was the first to give his opinion last week. He called Drizzy out for not paying him on a track he claimed he helped produce. is reporting: “In a newly released video Mo, who Drake shouted out on “Summer Sixteen”, called Drizzy and his OVO Crew a bunch of “b**ch a** ni**as” and went into detail about why he was mad, “Are y’all tellin’ me that Drake is the Milli Vanilli of rap in the motherf**ker?!” he said angrily in the nearly seven-minute video. “There’s a big thing, ‘Oh he doesn’t use ghostwriters, he credits them all…’ who gives a f**k? Who gives a f**k, we heard another n***a singin’ the rhymes that you eventually recorded.'”

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Things have been quiet for the past months minus a few references to a possible new album called “Views From The 6’s” that the Toronto rapper may be dropping.

Mo-G’s words on Drake preceded the Royce Da 5’9 interview on VLADTv about the same thing. Royce exclaimed that there isn’t a rapper around, including Drake, that can claim to be the best if they have a team of ghostwriters.

The Detroit rapper says: “The rules do have to change a little bit when you’re ranking these artists, where they stand as best lyricists… To me a lyricist is a writer. You automatically can’t be a lyricist if you’re not writing everything.” Later he was asked if Drake should be removed from the best lyricists category because he’s known to use a ghostwriter, Royce said, “It has to. It’s only fair.”

So #SmackTalkers, do you agree that having a ghostwriter disqualifies you from being considered one of the best in the game?

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