Rapper Troy Ave Dodges Murder Charges

Rapper Troy Ave Dodges Murder Charges

Wednesday, 22 June 2016
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Brooklyn rapper, Troy Ave, is one lucky son of a gun, well sorta. Remember a few weeks back he got caught up in a shooting backstage at the T.I. concert. Word is that he dodged the murder charges that were made against him. However, he was still indicted on 5 other charges, which could mean a very long time behind bars.

According to TMZ, “a grand jury has indicted Troy on one count of attempted second degree murder and four counts of criminal possession of a weapon.”

As you already know, Troy’s bodyguard/best friend, by the name of Ronald McPhatter, was shot and killed during the shooting. Lucky for Troy, the ballistics test did not prove that Troy’s gun was the one that murdered McPhatter.

VIDEO FOOTAGE: Deadly Shooting Takes Place At T.I. Concert

Troy’s attorney, Scott Leemon, reported to TMZ … “The video does not show everything nor explain what happened in the VIP room before Troy came running out, as a victim, after he was shot.”

Leemon claims that at Troy’s next hearing he will be requesting that the judge release him on bail this week.

We have no words. This is such a sad case. Smh.


source: tmz

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