Rapper Fabolous Drops His Own Custom Collection Of Emojis

Rapper Fabolous Drops His Own Custom Collection Of Emojis

Tuesday, 16 February 2016
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Kim Kardashian isn’t the only celebrity that can drop her own custom app filled with the coolest emojis.  Now, Brooklyn bred rapper, Fabolous, has decided to do the same thing.
Fabolous has teamed up with Moji Keyboard Inc. to develop his own brand of emojis called “YoungEmOGis.”
The app is available for download in the iOS AppStore and it features more than 50 custom emojis, which Fab helped co-designed himself.
Peter Bucci, part owner of Moji Keyboard Inc. stated: “Music fans across the board should be really excited about this.  From the beginning, Fabolous made it clear that delivering a fun, high quality product for his fans was priority number one, and we believe that we’ve done just that.”
The App has just released and be downloaded onto your device through iTunes.

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