Cops Ban London Club From Playing Dancehall Reggae

Cops Ban London Club From Playing Dancehall Reggae

Wednesday, 23 March 2016
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Reports have been made that police stopped a night club in London from playing what was said to be, dancehall reggae.  Dice Bar owner, Roy Seda, says that police officers have forbid him to play music from the likes of Beenie Man, Sean Paul and Shaggy.

Seda’s club is located in Croydon London and the police there haven’t seem to take a liking to the music of Jamaica. Apparently, one of the officers sent Seda an email stating “what this borough finds unacceptable forms of music.” Even though Seda makes these claims, the Police Department of Croydon have denied every last claim.

To keep the establishment from losing its license, Seda has says he’s removed dancehall reggae music from the playlist, which has made a great deal of patrons unhappy.


Seda spoke to the media to say: “We’ve lost business. We’ve had some birthday bookings that have cancelled when they’ve asked if we play bashment and we’ve had to tell them no.”
When asked if he thought this was an act of racsim, he explained: “They’re in the bar and asking can you play bashment and when we tell them no, they think I’m a racist.” is reporting that “Dice Bar is now facing a review of its licence after police poured resources into proving the venue is linked to crime and disorder, Mr Seda said. He believes up to 20 people have been arrested outside his venue, which has the capacity for 400, in the last 15 months.”

This was not the first time that the police were accused of racially profiling reggae music.


A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said:

“We have submitted a request to the Croydon Council for a review of the Dice Bar. We have not requested a ban on any type of music at this venue, however the licensee volunteered not to host Bashment music events in order to tackle the issues in his venue and make it safer.”
“It would be inappropriate for us to comment further until after the licensing hearing as this is the right and proper place for these issues to be aired.”


A Croydon Council spokesman said:
“Neither the council or the licensing committee has a policy banning any particular kind of music. The committee is an independent body that makes all licensing decisions. These decisions are based on the four licensing objectives, not on music types.”

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