NEW MUSIC ON SUR: Good Good by Saweetie

NEW MUSIC ON SUR: Good Good by Saweetie

Friday, 24 August 2018


Fans of TI’s coming-of-age “ATL” film will appreciate this one. Because one could never be enough, Saweetie has decided to drop off two music videos for our viewing pleasure.

In conjunction with an official accompaniment for her “B.A.N.” track, the Bay Area-bred upstart has also dropped off the new music video for High Maintenance choice cut “Good Good.”

While the former was more along the lines of saying “snip snip” to an ex, “Good Good” finds Saweetie on a flirtatious tip as she moves on to the next one with lines like, “Late at night with my girls in the club about to end/Got me scrollin’ through my phone, hit your name, send that pin/When you see them grey dots then you know what’s happenin’.”

In the video, we got dynamic shots of the young rapper with the primary setting being a house party where Saweetie takes on a look that pays homage to “ATL” character and sweetheart New New, portrayed by Lauren London.

In the film, New New wears her hair in a signature ponytail with a side swoop, hoop earrings bearing her namesake, and always has a lollipop in glorious accessory. You can catch Saweetie doing the same up top.

via hotnewhiphop

So are you feelin’ it or nah? Comment below and tell us how you feel about Saweetie’s new single!

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