VIDEO: New Footage Surfaces Proving Alton Sterling Did Not Pull Out A Gun

VIDEO: New Footage Surfaces Proving Alton Sterling Did Not Pull Out A Gun

Wednesday, 06 July 2016
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Everyone across the world is in complete outrage over the killing of Alton Sterling; another black man killed unnecessarily by the hands of the police. Sterling was a husband and father of 5 that was gunned down by two Baton Rouge Police Officers for selling cd’s in front of a convenience store.

Video footage was captured of 37 year old Sterling being shot point blank by the two officers. The two officers had a fight with Sterling and slammed then forcefully pinned him to the ground, as if that was not enough.  Well, moments later, one of the officers drew his gun and shot Sterling dead.

Officials have released the names of the officers that were responsible for the death of Sterling.  Blane Salamoni, a four year veteran and Howie Lake II, a three year veteran, both of Caucasian decent, were placed on paid administrative leave for their connection to the killing of Sterling.  Both officers work in the Baton Rouge Police Department’s uniform patrol division.

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According to ABC News, “Baton Rouge police said the incident began when uniformed officers responded to a disturbance call from someone who said a black man who was selling CD’s threatened him with a gun.”

Word is that the officers approached Sterling in the parking lot of the store and that is when the altercation took place, which resulted in the shooting and killing of Sterling.

Multiple sources are saying that Sterling was armed.  However, we don’t see any sign of that in the video nor did it seem that he was reaching for any weapon during their altercation either.  (see video below)

Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie Jr. referred to this death of Sterling as a “horrible tragedy” and adds that it was an “altercation that resulted in the loss of his life.”  Dabadie also made it clear that he is demanding answers.  Yes, and so are we.

We will be providing more details as we get them.




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