Mr. Vegas Airs Drake Out For Not Giving Dancehall The Credit It Deserves

Mr. Vegas Airs Drake Out For Not Giving Dancehall The Credit It Deserves

Wednesday, 08 June 2016
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Mr. Vegas doesn’t seem very amused by Drizzy Drake lately. He sat down with Winford Williams of Onstage in an 8-minute rant about why he isn’t happy with the Canadian rapper and his most recent album.

Mr. Tek Weh Yuhself says that Drake is reaping all the benefits from artists in Dancehall and is refusing to give them the credit they deserve.  Vegas says that he thinks that Drake is using other artists as “intro men.” His description of an intro man is “a person that used to stand up at the studio and hype up the record before the real artist got on the record.”

Where did this come from you may ask? For starters, Mr. Vegas brings light to the fact that Drake excluded Popcaan from the album version of their song “Controlla.” Might we add: the song is NOT the same without Popcaan. Furthermore, Vegas points out the sampling of dancehall artists on “Views From the 6,” which have not been credited at all.

Mr. Vegas has taken to social media to completely air out Drake’s dirty laundry and has gotten a great deal of support. As Hype Life Magazine puts it, Vegas believes that Drake “is fake riding the current wave of Dancehall in mainstream America to his advantage but is no real lover of the genre.”  On the other hand, Popcaan would rather “Mr. Heads High” keep his mouth shut.

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Check out the interview below:

But it wasn’t long after this that Vegas decided to clear the air to state that he is not here for any drama with Drake. He even mentions not wanting to turn into Meek Mill, whom we now know as “Twitter Fingers” due to their ongoing fued.

But Vegas interviewed with VLADTv and remained loyal to how he felt about Drake not giving Dancehall the credit it deserved.

So #SmackTalkers, do you think Mr. Vegas is right or nah? We’ll keep our opinion to ourselves on this one.

Check out the interview with VLADTv

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