Lil Scrappy Gives Props To Donald Trump For Speaking His Mind

Lil Scrappy Gives Props To Donald Trump For Speaking His Mind

Friday, 20 May 2016

Has Lil’ Scrappy jumped on the Donald Trump bandwagon? Or nah? Whether he has or not, one thing is for certain: he applauds him for speaking his mind.

TMZ is reporting that while Scrappy didn’t say who he would vote for, he did reveal that he couldn’t vote at all. While this is unfortunate, Lil Scrappy was still open and honest on how he felt about both candidates.
The Atlanta rapper did explain that his views were very similar to that of Hillary Clinton’s. However, he praised Trump for being vocal and having the ability to spill what’s on his mind.

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Scrappy said: “I’mma tell you I like Hillary cause she a Democrat. She stand for some of the s**t I stand for. You feel me? But when I say Trump, he’s speaking his mind on some real s**t. I be like ‘Damn, Trump.’ He real. He saying some real s**t. Build up a mothaf***in’ wall, cuz. But I like my migos. I love Mexicans. I love all the races. But I just like that Trump speak his mind. But I’m definitely gon’ keep my vote to myself.”

Before Scrappy addressed both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, he did talk about his new engagement with Bambi. He said: “It feel good when you with the right person. That mean you made the right decision and you don’t feel bad about it.”

Is it just us or doesn’t it suck that Scrappy is unable to vote?  No bueno.  So when are you going to drop a new single? We need you back in the studio since you can’t report to the polls to vote in November. Smh.


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