Lady Saw Says She’s Content With Her New Lease On Life

Lady Saw Says She’s Content With Her New Lease On Life

Friday, 03 June 2016
Caribbean News

Just six months ago Lady Saw converted to Christianity, dropped her stage name and is now known as Minister Marion Hall.

According to The Jamaica Observer, Hall says that she’s “content with her new lease on life. This is the start of me, God’s servant, winning souls for Him. I’m ready to minister. God a go do some awesome things through me.” Since publicly converting to Christianity, Hall is prepping for the release of her gospel single “I Had Jesus,” which is on the Minister Marion Hall label.

The former Queen of Dancehall says: “I realize my calling is to minister to broken women. So this song is for women who have been raped, women forced into prostitution and drugs and are still standing today. I am a victim of rape and I had Jesus who took me through it. I was battered and bruised… I could have been dead, but I’m still standing here today. This song is to empower women who have been down that road and are still standing,” she continued.

Hall is planning to release a 14-track album on July 8 called “When God Speaks.”  Some of the tracks include On Fire, Enemy, You’re Worthy and The Lord Is With Me, just to name a few.

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This is not about me; it is His masterpiece. All the songs are original and written after my baptism… No ‘collabs’. Four were recorded in the US and 10 in Jamaica,” she said.

The greatest part of this new project for Hall is that she collaborated with some of dancehall’s legends like Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare and more.

Formerly known as Lady Saw, which we will miss calling her, has really made an amazing mark in dancehall. She is the first female dancehall artist to win a Grammy.

Lastly, Hall says: “I’m not making the money that I used to, as I’ve really not been out there. But, can I tell you how happy I am? I’m happier with less… less is more than enough. I’m rich in spirit and strong in faith. The comfort that I’m feeling inside, I’ve never felt this love ever.”

The Jamaica Observer also highlighted that Marion has plans to build a church with a section dedicated to housing women that are victims of abuse.

There is a spot in Jamaica I’m thinking of. It doesn’t have a ‘For-Sale’ sign on it, but it’s ideal. I could have the place to feed the homeless, and skills training for the women,” said the former queen of dancehall.



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