Jamaican Politician Wants To Legalize Prostitution

Jamaican Politician Wants To Legalize Prostitution

Thursday, 23 August 2018
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Fenley Douglas who is acting Councillor for the Waterford Division of the parish of St. Catherine in Jamaica, is pushing extremely hard for the legalization of prostitution.

“We can benefit from the collection of tax from these workers as they are offering a service. We are letting the collection of needed funds go uncollected by discriminating against these persons. It must stop or we stand to lose,” Douglas told media reporters.

When they go to do business they are titled as self-employed, therefore, they exist so they must be given the right to contribute to nation building,” said Douglas, as he pointed to other countries which have already legalised prostitution.

Fenley Douglas claims that by legalizing prostitution would mean better healthcare for prostitutes.

What in the world is this man thinking? We think this is immoral and in bad taste for a politician to be an advocate for this!




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