Katt Williams Is Being Sued For Abuse And Witchcraft

Katt Williams Is Being Sued For Abuse And Witchcraft

Friday, 18 March 2016
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Katt Williams is definitely on a roll.  There’s an actress accusing him of getting her jumped by a group of women.  Not only that she said that he also conducted Wicca sorcery on her.

TMZ is reporting that “Jamila Majesty says the incident went down at Katt’s Malibu’s home almost 2 years ago. She says he invited her over and when she arrived, 5 other women were already there. In a lawsuit she’s filed against Katt … she says things went south quick when she made the mistake of using his bathroom.”

The actress is claiming that Katt said that no one is allowed to his bathroom and directly after he said that the women began to pounce on her. And it was no ordinary fight. She is claiming that she was beaten for 3 hours straight. Jamila says the beating was so bad that she even went unconscious on numerous occassions. She is even accusing Katt Williams of burning her in the face with a Newport cigarette.


PLOT TWIST: Majesty says that one of the women that was involved in jumping her had an open book in the bathroom that was about “teachings on sorcery and spells.” She also claims that there was a fire somewhere that was being fed oddly strange items.

Jamila is claiming that she finally escaped this horrid situation at almost 2AM in the morning. She says she was able to drive home but was very bloody from the beating. She claims that she didnt’ call the police because she was scared of what Katt might do.

But 2 years later she is not suing Katt for assault and battery as well as false imprisonment and emotional distress.



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