Jamaican JetBlue Flight Attendant Tries To Smuggle 70 LBS of Coke Through TSA

Jamaican JetBlue Flight Attendant Tries To Smuggle 70 LBS of Coke Through TSA

Thursday, 24 March 2016
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A JetBlue flight attendant tried to smuggle 70 pounds of coke through TSA in Los Angeles before she kicked off her heels and ran for her life. It is said that the woman made it to NY but has since been arrested upon arrival to the Big Apple.

The attendant who goes by the name of Marsha Gay Reynolds finally threw the towel in and was arrested at John F. Kennedy Airport.

PLOT TWIST: No one even knows how she made it JFK because it was not through the original flight she was supposed to be on.

SFGate.com is reporting, “Transportation Security Administration officials asked Reynolds to step aside for a random security screening Friday, authorities said. Reynolds went to a secondary screening area but quickly dropped her bag, ditched a pair of Gucci heels and fled barefoot downward on an upward-moving escalator, Marshall McClain, president of the union representing LAX airport police officers.”

The JetBlue flight attendant has actually been charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.


2nd PLOT TWIST: Back in 2008, Marsha Reynolds was actually runner-up in Miss Jamaica World. Not only that, NYU has listed her as being a part of the school’s 2004 women’s track and field team. It has not been confirmed yet if this is the same person, but it’s looking like it very well is the same Marsha Gay Reynolds.

According to an FBI affidavit that backs up the charges against Marsha, she showed up to Terminal 4 at LAX Airport dressed in jeans, heels and a black suit jacket. She also carried her JetBlue member crew badge as identification. Details are sketchy as to whether or not she was on duty and working at the time.

SFGate.com gives further details stating: “When Reynolds was chosen for a random security screening, TSA Officer Jamie Samuel said the flight attendant became nervous and began looking around before pulling out her cellphone and making a call, according to the affidavit. Samuel reported that Reynolds was talking on the phone in a foreign language as she was being taken to a secondary screening area, the affidavit says. Once in the secondary screening area, TSA Officer Charles James asked for her identification.”

Once she was pulled into the screening area, she dropped her items, threw her shoes off and fled the scene.  The JetBlue flight attendant ran down the upward-moving escalator but was not chased because the officer claims his main concern was the bag that she dropped.

Police confiscated 11 packages of cocaine, which was wrapped in a green colored cellophane with the label “BIG Ranch” attached to it. The packaged weighed in at 68 pounds and could be worth between $750,000 and 3 million dollars.


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