Houston Man Shot Dead By Two Police Officers

Houston Man Shot Dead By Two Police Officers

Saturday, 09 July 2016
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Early this morning two police officers opened fire and murdered Alva Braziel.   Word is that the officers involved each fired several rounds and were both wearing body cameras.

ABC13 is reporting: “The shooting happened on Cullen near Ward around 12:40am. Officers say they saw a man with a revolver standing in the road. There were two officers in one vehicle and they asked the man to put the revolver down. Police say a witness also asked him to drop the weapon. Officers say instead of dropping the gun, the man raised his weapon pointing it in the air. He then lowered it and pointed it at the two officers.”

Right after being asked to put the gun down, shots were fired and Braziel fell to his death.  The officers involved in the shooting have been a part of the police force for 13 years. The officers are being investigated to see if the killing of Braziel was, in fact, justified.

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Eric Puckett, an innocent bystander, interviewed with ABC13 and said: “It’s like we got a target on our back even if we’re innocent, it hurts,” said Puckett. “You don’t even want to walk outside your house any more. But to all the young black men and young black women out there, all black people, do something positive.”

Officials are saying that a gas station that was close by to the murder scene captured the entire altercation on video. This video will be used to determine what actually happened between the police officers and Alva Braziel.

Additionally, an eyewitness saw everything and will be telling exactly what he/she witnessed.

Dwight Boykins told ABC13, “The biggest gorilla in the room is very clear. We need to put officers in neighborhoods that reflect the neighborhood.”

Another black man down. Another black man hashtagged. This time it’s Alva Braziel from Houston, Texas.

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