Fetty Wap And Masika Kalysha Go At It Over Newly Released Pic Of Their Child

Fetty Wap And Masika Kalysha Go At It Over Newly Released Pic Of Their Child

Thursday, 30 June 2016
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When posting a picture of your daughter on the internet goes terribly wrong. The internet is brutal these days; especially in the case of Fetty Wap and his 3 month old daughter, Khari. Β Β A few days ago, Fetty posted a picture of Khari, whom he just had with socialite Masika Kalysha. Apparently, he agreed to keep the newborn baby out of the limelight, which he betrayed by actually posting her pic on his social media. Now people have gone to town on the very innocent picture of Khari.

TMZ is reporting that “people on social media have gotten snarky, saying the kid doesn’t look anything like Fetty so she must have slept with someone else.”


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According to Kalysha, Fetty’s been a terrible dad to their blue eyed curly haired daughter, Khari. She is claiming that Fetty was only present for the actual birth and one measly doctor’s appointment, nothing else. She doesn’t understand why Fetty is fooling the world into believing that he’s a great dad.

Word on the street is that Masika Kalysha hasn’t wrapped Fetty up in the court system and doesn’t look like she plans to anytime soon. Some would say that this is a dumb move on her part.

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