AUDIO: Fat Joe & Remy Ma Squash Beef; Drops Song ft. French Montana

AUDIO: Fat Joe & Remy Ma Squash Beef; Drops Song ft. French Montana

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Who would’ve thought that Fat Joe & Remy Ma would ever make music together again?

In case you forgot, back in 2011 Fat Joe did an interview with XXL Magazine and here is what he had to say about Remy:

“Me and Remy, we fell out. All I did for that girl was help her; make her rich; took her from the projects, single parent mom; put her on hit records; [and she] toured across the world with us. She was down with us, had a different car for every day of the week. When her album came out and it didn’t do as good as she anticipated, she wanted to blame somebody. See, me, I don’t run away. During my successes or my failures, I put it on me. You can’t find an interview where I’m standing there talking about, ‘Yo, this executive’ […] some people don’t understand it’s not an overnight success for everybody. It’s a grind. It’s happened for me. I make a great living — a lot of artists make a great living. But, she, you know, she was getting real disrespectful with me and real disrespectful towards my family on the radio. I could never forgive Remy Martin. She really hurt my feelings.” 

Obviously things have changed between the two Bronx rappers.  About a year ago, revealed what the conversation was like between Rem and Joe when they  finally squashed the beef.

Here’s what Remy said: “I just recently spoke to him and we had a wonderful conversation. It started off a little awkward. We’re both like, ‘Just say what you want to say.’ We were both holding on to our egos. ‘Well what do you want to say?’ ‘No what do you want to say?’ We finally let it go. We ended up talking about things I want to do when I get home. He said, ‘I still think you’re the dopest female rapper ever.’ I’m like, ‘Really?!’ When you put egos and pride aside, and be the real people that you are it works out… I told him that when I do go home I’m going to make it my business that we talk more.”

We are glad that Fat Joe & Remy Ma have reconciled because this new joint is hot and is just what hip-hop is missing.  Check out the new track below:

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