Did Tyga Bite Off Of Drake’s “Controlla” On His New Single “1 Of 1”?

Did Tyga Bite Off Of Drake’s “Controlla” On His New Single “1 Of 1”?

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Looks like Tyga is now in the hot seat. Drizzy Drake fans are not happy with his new single “1 Of 1” because it sounds dangerously similar to “Controlla.”

Take a listen below and decide for yourselves:

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Disgruntled fans have taken to Twitter to vent, stating:
Go listen to Tyga’s new joint “1 of 1″ and tell me this fool isn’t tryna be Drake.”

“Did Tyga really try to come out with a reggae song lol ? You ain’t Drake fool.”

“You know Tyga career is over when he drops a song that sounds exactly like Drake controlla to try and get back in the game.”

To Tyga’s defense, he is well entitled to create music that reflects his culture and roots. In case you didn’t know, Tyga’s father is Jamaican. He traveled to the island earlier this month to shoot the video for the single.

While there are some that aren’t too happy with the fact that this song resembles “Controlla,” lots like it.

One fan took to Twitter to tweet: “1 of 1 tyga is officially my New Summer jam !!!! I don’t care if he copied drake !!! the track is dope.”

Hey, we actually like it too!


source: urban islandz

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