DANCEHALL NEWS: Tommy Lee Sparta Wanted; Finally Turns Himself Into Police

DANCEHALL NEWS: Tommy Lee Sparta Wanted; Finally Turns Himself Into Police

Saturday, 09 July 2016
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Last week, dancehall artist Tommy Lee Sparta was wanted by police.  Reports were being made that he was connected to a shooting that happened on Saunders Ave in Kingston 2.   Sparta was ordered to turn himself into the Elletson Road Police Station in Kingston 16 on or before Monday, July 4.

Back in 2014, Sparta and his four cronies were taken into custody and charged for being connected to a lottery scam. He has since been released on $400,000 bail.
Reports are being made that Tommy Lee, whose government name is Leroy Russell, finally turned himself in. His lawyer accompanied him to the Kingston Eastern division for questioning about the aforementioned shooting.

Sparta’s team is standing by him and have made it clear many times that he is not connected to the Saunders Avenue shooting.

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According to Hype Life Magazine, “Ernest Smith, the attorney representing Tommy Lee Sparta, has labelled the police as irresponsible after his client was named as a person of interest.”

Ever since the announcement took place, Smith claims that promoters have been persistently calling to ensure that Sparta will still be making appearances regardless of his legal woes.

Smith exclaims: “If it is, the persons who have already deposited money for him to tour, ask for a recall or cancel the tour. Somebody’s gonna have to pay. I can understand when you try to get in touch with somebody and the person’s whereabouts are unknown. I can understand when efforts have been made to contact somebody and those efforts have been futile. Why couldn’t they get in touch with any one of us, or even try to locate or get in touch with him? They know where he lives!”

Tommy Lee was already banned from Reggae Sumfest because the promoters were concerned about the safety of the attendees. Word on the street is that Sparta has been connected to various acts of violence that have been happening in Jamaica.



source: hype life magazine

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