Chronixx To Collaborate With Joey Bada$$ Again

Chronixx To Collaborate With Joey Bada$$ Again

Friday, 18 March 2016
Caribbean News

Chronixx is one of the baddest roots reggae artist to hit the scene in a very long time. He’s gained an amazing fan base…..and from all over the world. People are bumping Chronixx every where you turn.  The roots reggae star did an interview with “The Gibbo Radio Show” and shared the news that he will be collaborating with rapper Joey Bada$$ on his next mixtape, which we’re sure will be nothing short of amazing.

Remember this collabo from last year between the two artists called ‘Belly of The Beast?’  Listen to the audio below:  

In addition to his collaborations, Chronixx also talked about what reggae music means to him. He said: “Reggae is a really hard thing to find a definition for. Our music was created out of spirituality and struggles and happiness and our experiences as a people and that is a very in-dept story by itself. Reggae was created out of a unique situation by unique people and its a very wide thing.”

Smack Fact: Joey Bada$$’ mother is from Jamaica and his father is from St. Lucia.  As you can see from the video above, Joey and Chronixx collaborated last year and we’re looking forward to another great record from these two talented artists.

Here is the interview in depth:

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