PETTY NEWS ALERT : Chris Brown Being Sued For Stealing a Fan’s Hat

PETTY NEWS ALERT : Chris Brown Being Sued For Stealing a Fan’s Hat

Monday, 30 May 2016
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So, Chris Brown is in the hot seat, yet again. Well, sorta! Now, he’s being sued for $2,750 and all because he didn’t return a fan’s hat. Well, that’s what TMZ is reporting.

Marq Stevenson, the accuser, says that he gave his hat to someone in Chris’ camp to have it autographed but it was never returned. This went down at a 2015 concert out in Dallas Texas. Additionally, Stevenson has made accusations that Chris Brown’s entourage taunted and bullied him the process.

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Marq is asking to be reimbursed for the hat, his concert ticket and for being bullied. The cost of the hat was $25, the ticket was $225 and $2500 for being bullied.

According to “The circumstances mimic similar allegations against the singer from last July, from IG user @aintnoluvx (whose account no longer exists). That user said the unreturned hat belonged to her deceased father. Brown dismissed the claims and accused the user of harassment, ending with ‘f*** yo punkass hat.’ Reports at the time identified the user as a woman.”
We have one word for Marq: PETTY!

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