Bouncer At L.A. Night Club Plans To Sue Lil Wayne After Alleged Assault

Bouncer At L.A. Night Club Plans To Sue Lil Wayne After Alleged Assault

Thursday, 14 July 2016
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Lil Wayne is back in the news again. Word on the street is that he allegedly assaulted a bouncer at an LA night club BET weekend. Now the bouncer is retaliating and is planning on suing the rapper.

According to TMZ, “The bouncer’s attorney — Arsineh Aghakhani from Los Angeles City Law — says she’s preparing the lawsuit against Lil Wayne for battery after her client claims the rapper attacked him while working the door last month at Hyde nightclub for a BET Awards after-party.”

Rumor has is that Wayne and his camp got angry because they were searched at the door of the club. An argument ensued and that’s when all hell broke loose. Reports are being made that Wayne got belligerent and immediately went for the bouncer’s head. He supposedly attacked the bouncer from behind and got him good in the face.

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Reports are also being made that his camp allegedly played a part in the assault.   TMZ reported that “Wayne’s bodyguards also allegedly shoved the staffer up against a wall … and we’re told he suffered a dislocated jaw and shoulder injury.”

We wonder how this is going to pan out; especially since Wayne denies that he ever laid hands on the bouncer.   The bouncer made a police report and is now planning to sue.

Good luck with this one, Weezy.

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