Fan Pays Homage To Brandy Creates ‘Barbie Brandy’

Fan Pays Homage To Brandy Creates ‘Barbie Brandy’

Tuesday, 22 March 2016
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Brandy was actually one of the first R&B singers to have their own Barbie doll released by Mattel, the huge Barbie maker. But this was back in 1999. The doll actually dropped in the spring of that year. But what exactly happened to the doll 17 years later? Not much. A new and better doll has been released and by a superfan of the R&B singer’s.

Yes, you read that correctly. One of the singer’s die hard fans decided to pay homage to her by creating a Barbie in her honor. That superfan is Tyren Redd.

Barbie Brandy” is a beautiful replica of the singer and the best part is that it emulates the natural black woman. The doll has a cute crotchet braid hairstyle, which is what we’re used to seeing her rock. We’ve seen Brandy sport just about every hairstyle but it was interesting to see Redd create a Barbie with a natural look instead.

She took to Instagram to acknowledge the creator of “Barbie Brandy” and it’s obvious Redd has gotten the stamp of approval because she seems to love it.


This is the old school Brandy Barbie that dropped back in 1999.  Which do you think is better?


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