AUDIO: Dancehall’s Alkaline Discusses Why He Dissed Bounty Killer

AUDIO: Dancehall’s Alkaline Discusses Why He Dissed Bounty Killer

Friday, 24 August 2018
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Can’t we all just get along? I guess not because Alkaline and the legend himself, Bounty Killer are warring!

Alkaline took to Instagram to send out wagging tongues after he publicly dissed  “The Warrrrr Lord.”

This came directly after Bounty Killer had a few social media outbursts in regards to Alkaline.

According to Hype Life Magazine, “Alkaline’s response surfaced days after Bounty Killer blasted the “Juggernaut” deejay and Mavado via Instagram following the comment of a fan who questioned the “Fed Up” deejay’s relations with his former protege.”

Alkaline gives 0 cares and goes straight for Bounty’s jugular.   He wrote, “S*ck out yuh mumma yah b*tch.”

In the allegedly leaked audio below, you can hear Alkaline explain that ever since he became a part of the Dancehall scene, he became Bounty Killer and Foota Hype’s target.

You can also hear him explain that he doesn’t play games and if you diss him he doesn’t care who you are, he’s going to diss you back.

Check it out below:


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