Afeni Shakur’s Soon-To-Be Ex Wants Piece Of The 2Pac Pie

Afeni Shakur’s Soon-To-Be Ex Wants Piece Of The 2Pac Pie

Sunday, 20 March 2016
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Some relationships just don’t last. Afeni Shakur is going through a nasty divorce with her estranged husband, Gust Davis. To make matters worse, this divorce is happening without a pre-nup, which will make things tricky.

Afeni and Gust were married for 12 years and after a year of separation, a divorce was filed. Since Tupac’s mother filed for divorce in North Carolina, their property will be divided on a case by case basis.


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Tupac has left behind an amazing legacy, so of course, everyone tied to him would want a piece of the pie. His estates racks in a whopping $900k per year. Word on the street is that Gust wants $10,000 per month for the rest of his natural born life. Not only that, he wants access to the houseboats and to be allowed to live at their ranch located in North Carolina.

From what we understand, Davis is a minister who drives a Jaguar. Let us not forget to mention that he has actually demanded that he gets to keep it.

Afeni has asked the judge to throw out his request. We are all waiting to see how this pans out.   Now we understand the saying “It’s cheaper to keep her.” In this case, it’s “him.”



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