About Us

Smack Urban Radio (www.smackurbanradio.com) is a brand new commercial-free internet radio station that broadcasts hip-hop, R&B, dancehall reggae and soca music; all at the same time. We are the only radio station that has taken the top urban genres of music and have made the listening experience easy for anyone that tunes in. If you’re a lover of urban music, you don’t have to go back and forth between stations just to hear your favorite genre of music. We have it all covered. Our user experience gives the listener the opportunity to toggle back and forth between two separate channels: Hip-Hop/R&B AND Reggae/Soca channel.

We noticed that commercial radio play the same 10 songs in row on a daily basis. Our question has always been, “Well, what about those other songs that were once hits that made us feel nostalgic and brought back great memories?” While those songs may be forgotten on commercial radio, they aren’t forgotten here.

Not only is the music amazing but we’ve also created a platform for talented hosts and DJ’s that are on the rise in their craft. The greatest part of it all is that our virtual radio station gives the everyday person a chance to have their own show from the comfort of their own home. So it’s not just about great music, it’s about giving talented individuals a chance to be heard.

The station was created by radio personality, Shannon Mack; and all because she grew tired of hearing the words “NO.” Shannon has been a part of the entertainment industry for 13 years and radio was where it all began. She started as the afternoon on-air talent at Delaware’s Kiss 101.7. She moved to L.A. to pursue a career in acting after her East Coast radio endeavors ended. Even though she enjoys the TV life, something was still missing; radio! So when the itch for being back on the radio came around, for two consecutive years Shannon knocked on several doors for an opportunity. Either she heard a “No, not at this time” or she heard nothing at all. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and created her own radio show called “The Miss Mack Show.” But that was merely not enough. She wanted to broadcast her show through a platform in which she could call her own. And Smack Urban Radio was born.

“If you love all genres of urban contemporary music, Smack Urban Radio should be your only listening option.” With the motto in mind, “Life Is A Party,” weekends for SUR begin on Thursdays and don’t end until Monday. Our weekend means that on both of our channels we feature our DJ’s in the mix non-stop that constantly has our listeners in party mode. And it doesn’t end there. We feature themed days on our station like Reggae Sundays, Soca Mondays and Hump Day Wednesdays; where we play nothing but slow jams and R&B from the 90’s on up.

Whether you’re logged onto our website or you’re using our brand new app, as a listener you’ll have the ability to toggle back and forth between our music channels and also stay up to date on the latest news. We have bloggers that ensure our listeners are informed on what’s happening in pop culture, hip-hop, dancehall and entertainment. We’ve also enabled our users to chat with other #SmackTalkers about all things related to entertainment.