Hip-Hop’s Bully aka 50 Cent Takes Shots At Rick Ross On IG: If He Dies, He Dies!

Hip-Hop’s Bully aka 50 Cent Takes Shots At Rick Ross On IG: If He Dies, He Dies!

Saturday, 03 March 2018
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Curtis Jackson AKA 50 Cent has absolutely NO chill. He took to Instagram to post a picture of Ivan Drago from Rocky IV, which was surely a subliminal shot at Rick Ross .  The picture is from a scene where Drago says to Apollo Creed “If he dies, he dies.”

The subliminals are quite obvious here.  50 and Ross have been arch enemies for some time now.  If you know 50, you know that 0 cares are given once he feels disrespected by someone.  He will drag you and not care about karma or any consequences.  Take a look at how he’s dragged Ja Rule and Wendy Williams, just to name a few.

The two East Coast rappers have beef stemming from almost a decade ago. Let’s not forget when 50 broke the sex tape of the mother of Rick Ross’ child.  This was when their feud was at an all time high.


TMZ broke the story first of Rick Ross being hospitalized.  The blog site mentioned that the Miami rapper was hooked up to a machine that was performing heart and lung functions for him.

Prayers go out to Rick Ross and we hope he is pulling through.

We’re giving 50 Cent a new nickname: Hip-Hop’s Bully.  While some of his fans were riding with him for the Drago post, a lot of his fans were not happy with his bully behavior!  They think that taking shots at Ross while he’s fighting for his life is flat out wrong.

Take a look at some of the comments:

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